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Strawberry Dog Costume

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Dog Costume Bat DogStrawberry Costume From Side

Although, Halloween is not my favorite holiday, (that top spot has been held for Thanksgiving), I have to say it's still super awesome!  (Sorry, Arbor day, but step it up!)  The reason I love it is because I don't have to buy any gifts, and it's all about candy and dressing up.  No one can hate that...except maybe dentists.  I don't care if I am over the age of 12, I will continue to dress up until I am dead and eat candy until I lose all my teeth.  I even tried to push the trick or treating thing for as long as I possibly could.  Sure, I could just run to the store and buy myself a giant bag of candy for $5 or I could walk the equivalent of 10 miles for a small candy booty.  I admit, my plan doesn't make sense, but that's not the point.

Even in college, my cousin and I dressed up our dogs and went trick or treating.  My dog ended up being batdog and looked very distinguished even though he kept giving me the side eye and spitting out the dog treats people kept offering him all night.  Clipper simply tolerated the dressing up since it meant he was going on a long walk.   That didn't mean he could go the whole night without rolling his eyes.  Aw, his sarcasm is severely missed.  He passed away a few months ago so I know he's counting his lucky stars that he didn't have to model my newest project:  The juicy, red strawberry costume!

Luckily, I found an eager model and Freckles was wonderful.  He didn't demand too many dog treats or storm off to his trailer.  This costume looked adorable on him and, even being made from fleece, it's pretty lightweight and comfortable for the pooch.  Even while modeling, he received several compliments from those passing by.  This costume is also very easy to modify, so if you have group of dogs, you can easily create a fruit salad.

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