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Stabilize Seams with Twill Tape

Twill Tape SeamsIf you ever had a garment that eventually got stretched out or otherwise had distorted seams, then you know how frustrating it is.  Here you spent all that time and effort, making something that you imagine would be awesome, and it's pushed to the side as something that provided great practice but not something you'll ever wear.  The best solution to this issue is prevention and a great resource to have on hand is twill tape.  Usually found next to the bias tape in the fabric store, twill tape doesn't seem to be very popular with new sew-ers.  The common reason for this is that many beginners have no idea what twill tape is nor how to use it.  Twill tape actually has several helpful uses but, in this demonstration, we show you how to incorporate it into your seam lines in order to stabilize them and to prevent stretching.  Our example is shown on a neckline area and also in a shoulder seam, but you can definitely use twill tape in other situations as well.  Learn about the amazing twill tape today!

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4 thoughts on “Stabilize Seams with Twill Tape

  1. Ofra Yechiel

    When hemming the neckline, do I fold the twill tape down the middle (since the middle of it is exactly where the seam line is supposed to be)?

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