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Snack Bag

Snack Bag With AppleReady For Lunch On BenchI like to snack and because of that, I'm the type of person who travels with a lot of snacks.  If I were to ever get trapped anywhere, I'd probably survive for a week on the baggies of pretzels, nuts, dried fruit, and carrot sticks found inside my purse.  So what does a person like me go through a lot of?  That's right.  Plastic snack bags.  That's why I appreciate the reusable snack bag.  And even if you're not the type to be constantly snacking, like me, you'll probably appreciate the reusable snack bag as well.  Not only is it cuter than its clear, plastic brother, but it'll save you money and is better for the environment.  If you use the right materials, you can make it washable and it works great for more than just snacks.  It's just a handy pouch to have around.

For those of you that have never attempted the zipper, I would highly recommend this project as the one to help you get your feet wet.  This is probably the easiest type of zipper application you can ever do and, afterwards, you'll wonder why zippers ever scared you.

Also, what I like about this bag is it's great of using up those scraps of fabric you have that are too small for any other project.  It doesn't take much and it's quick and easy.  By the time you start, you'll probably be ready to start using it for your snacks within the hour.

This is a basic FREE video for all our registered members and we have the pattern available for download.

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2 thoughts on “Snack Bag

  1. inspired50

    This is too cute. I’m going to download to pattern and make this . I like it because it is a great way to get introduced to installing zippers.

  2. margiesue

    I love your snack bag video! You made it look so easy to put a zipper in. The pictures you took on the red bench looks very cute!! I discovered another use for my snack bag! I always like to carry my own special tea bags in my purse. This snack bag is ideal for that purpose as well as for a yummy snack!!

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