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Sleeve Lining

Sleeve LiningLining can be tricky to deal with, so it's no wonder that some people avoid it completely.  But lining is one of those details that take your garment up a notch into classy couture.  Not only will your garment look nice on the inside but lining can serve different functions like providing garment stability, finishing edges, or allowing you to use a sheer outer shell.   We've demonstrated the bodice lining, so, in this tutorial, we take on the sleeve lining.  We start with the sleeve and lining as two separate pieces and go through each step so that you can see exactly how it's constructed.  You'll be sure to feel confident the next time you have to sew your own, after you watch our demonstration.

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One thought on “Sleeve Lining

  1. Annie

    The sleeve lining has been the best ever tutorial. I’ve just finished a princess seam jacket and really struggled with the sleeve lining. I feel the need to make another one now!!! Thanks PP

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