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Skipped Stitches

Skipped StitchesAs much as sewing can give us joy, there's a lot of things that can cause issues. One of those things is skipped stitches. Why is this happening???? And, more importantly, how do we get it to stop? Skipped stitches describes when your stitches are not uniform in length, so you'll have regular stitches and, suddenly, you're machine screws up and you have a longer one that either sticks up or disrupts the stitch pattern. This is a sewing issue that shouldn't be ignored, not only because it doesn't look good but it could mean that your seam is not as strong as it should be. This video covers why it happens and some solutions you should try in order to solve it. Hopefully, it'll be something easy and your machine will be back to sewing well in no time.

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