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Simplicity Pattern 2172 Steampunk Dress Series – Skirt

Steampunk Skirt - Simplicity 2172Steampunk - Simplicity 2172 - BowThe skirt that comes in the Simplicity 2172 Steampunk Pattern is a fun one.  It's long, full and when you wear it, you must suppress the need to twirl around in it...or not.  I twirl as I believe all the great ladies of history have also done.  Not only is it an old timey looking skirt that's perfect for the steampunk look and for costumes, but the bottom panel is full pleats.  Pleats are awesome and they really should make a come back.  Creating your own pleats like this is a bit time consuming but you just can't beat the end result.  Just be aware that the type of fabric you choose to make this skirt is essential.  You need to pick a fabric that can take a hot iron and will hold the pleats well.  So picking some kind of cotton or cotton blend is probably best so that your pleats will come out amazing.

This skirt is part of our Simplicity Pattern 2172 steampunk series.  We also have tutorials on the coat and bustier, so you can easily create this whole steampunk ensemble.

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7 thoughts on “Simplicity Pattern 2172 Steampunk Dress Series – Skirt

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    hmmm…the cool iron is tricky. Maybe after you create each pleat, you can keep some straight pins in to hold them and then hang the skirt in your bathroom. When you shower, the steam will help get out the wrinkles you don’t want but the pins will keep the pleats.

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks! I decided on using the taffeta. Do you have any tips for pleating taffeta if the material is washable and requires a cool iron? I tried pleating a scrap piece and it pleated great, but creases from previous pleats showed through and I’m concerned about pin holes. I hope I’m not in over my head on this project! Thanks for any help!

  3. ProfessorPincushion

    I think taffeta would look really nice and probably hold the pleats pretty well. Just be sure to read the fabric care instructions on the label. I know some taffeta can be dry clean only and so you’ll have to be careful as liquids could cause water stains.

  4. Elizabeth

    I’m so excited about getting started on this whole project! I really wanted to use a black taffeta for the skirt, but would this make it harder to create the pleats? I’m a beginner, so I don’t want to overwhelm myself more than I already am 😉

  5. MsFlo

    This skirt is really nice. Although I am a beginner, I would love to take on a project like this. Your videos are extremely helpful in reinforcing what my daughter and I learned in a sewing class we recently attended. You, however, are a bit more detailed and I do appreciate that.

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