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Simplicity 4762-Tie

Tie Aged ToneCloseup Of TieMad Men ContemplativeMaybe it's because I've never been required to wear a tie that makes them so fascinating to me.  Whenever I wander over to the men's department in a store, I love looking at the colorful, silky ties and all their wonderful designs.  It's weird in that this seems like the only acceptable way guys are ever able to display a little flair when it comes to their style.  The Professor's Assistant rarely makes an appearance in a tie so when it does happen, I am all delight.

In our video tutorial, Simplicity 4762 tie, I show you how easy it is to create a handsome tie.  Not only is it a quick project, but it'll be a quality, handmade tie that looks as good as anything from a department store and can be made on a more economical budget.  If you're like me, you'll keep an eye out for wonderful fabric and textures to create a plethora of ties so you can add that little bit of debonair flair to any style.  I must be ready, if the occasion should suddenly rise and The Professor's Assistant becomes in need of an elegant tie.

You can find the pattern HERE.  Also, you can complete this Mad Men look with our tutorial on the vest HERE.

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2 thoughts on “Simplicity 4762-Tie

  1. Chastity Worley Burton

    I need to make these, life after the military is fastly approaching for my hubs and they look super nice!

  2. margiesue

    I do love the idea of making a tie that has character and yet adds dignity to a man’s wardrobe. I was thinking of making a tie with whales on it!

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