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ShirringHow can you add stretch to your non-stretchy fabrics?  Consider using shirring!  Shirring utilizes elastic thread and is a great way to add stretch plus style.  You commonly find shirring at the top of skirts (as an alternative to a regular elastic casing).  Also, you'll find them in tops and dresses.  In this tutorial we demonstrate two different techniques in pulling off shirring.  One way uses the elastic thread in the bobbin so you may have to adjust your bobbin tension.  The second technique uses a bridging stitch and you'll be stitching over the elastic thread.  It's up to you to discover which technique you like best.

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2 thoughts on “Shirring

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    Some people might call it smocking but (while they serve a similar function) I see it as a different technique. Shirring is done on the machine while smocking is usually done by hand (usually connected with embroidery) and the patterns are much more detailed and intricate. The smocking I’ve seen are absolutely beautiful so I hope to be able to do a tutorial on it some day. 🙂

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