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Sewing with Neoprene

Working With NeopreneIn the last few years, neoprene has become a very fashionable fabric.  It was once only used for wetsuits and beer cozies, but now you'll find fashion designers using it too.  The appeal of neoprene is its ability to hold its shape and to create creative looks.  It's unique, for sure, but it's important that you use it with the right type of garments and that you know what you're getting into before you try to sew with it.  While it's definitely not the most challenging type of fabric to work with, it can offer it's own set of issues that you should be aware of.  Watch this tutorial for the lowdown on cutting, sewing and caring for neoprene so that you can tackle it like a pro!

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3 thoughts on “Sewing with Neoprene

  1. erniejo

    Welt pockets are such a challenge. Is there an easy order of adding them to tops? Ive finally conquered adding seam pockets so I want to move on to welts!

  2. KoffeeGypsy

    I want to make popsicle holders for the kids with this stuff! When you sewed the two small sections together with the red thread, it looked really close to the edge of each Neoprene piece. Should the zigzag be longer from side to side or does thread not rip through Neoprene even with stretch stress on it? Thx!

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