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Sew-in Interfacing

Sew In InterfacingI feel that sew-in interfacing tends to get ignored these days because using fusible interfacing is more the norm and is super easy to use.  The issue is that you cannot use fusible interfacing in every single instance.  There will be times when you'll still want to use sew-in interfacing.  Don't be like me and learn the hard way.  This tutorial is all about sew-in interfacing.  We cover when you'll want to use it, different types and also how to use it in your project.  Sew-in interfacing is not really any harder to use than fusible interface and in some cases it's even better to use.  Watch this tutorial to get the skinny on sew-in interfacing.

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  1. sewreal2016

    Hi love to learn , you will enjoy every bit of the experience. Go to videos the tutorials on making iron board cover and glasses case is so cool, ha, ha ,enjoy!!!!!

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