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SequinsDo you like things that sparkle?   Do you prefer outfits covered in sequins?  Are you jealous of figure skaters?  If so, then this is the tutorial for you.  Even if you don't want to be covered in sequins, but would rather just have a few sewn on here and there, that's ok too.  We demonstrate for you different techniques for sewing on individual sequins and also the single strand of sequins.  With these techniques, you'll have no problem sewing 1 or 500 dazzling sequins to your projects. (Although, don't overwhelm yourself by planning on covering an evening dress with them.  Sewing sequins definitely requires a lot of patience and time.)  They're a fun embellishment and should not be restricted to figure skaters.  Try your hand at sewing on sequins and make a project sparkle.

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