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Seam Allowance

Seam AllowanceWhen stitching two pieces of fabric together, you're creating a seam between them.  The seam allowance is the distance between your seam stitches and the raw edge of the fabric.  This video will cover not only why a seam allowance is important but also how to maintain an accurate one. When learning the basics, the seam allowance is a very important part of sewing so you'll want to start off on the right foot.

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One thought on “Seam Allowance

  1. Renaissance Princess

    Wow! This was a giant help. I inherited a ton of sewing stuff from an entire desk to fabric to a sewing machine. I have about 3-4 sewing gauges and had no idea how to use them or what they were for. Thanks to your demonstration and clear instruction, now I do!

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