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Ribbon Embroidery – Leaves

Ribbon Embroidery LeavesIn the world of embroidery, there are so many techniques to give you a bunch of lovely effects and looks.  One way to do hand embroidery is with silk ribbon.  While embroidery floss can you give you very defined lines, silk ribbon can give a softer look and a look more three dimensional.  In this demonstration, I'll show you how to do simple ribbon embroidery techniques and stitches to create different types of leaves and grasses.  These can be combined with the techniques shown in our tutorial, ribbon roses, to create a more complex embellishment.  You can attempt these stitches with regular satin ribbon, as it's more common and, therefore, easier to find, but I find silk ribbon to be easier to use.  Regardless, with practice, these stitches will always look beautiful.

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