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Puzzle Cube Pincushion

Puzzle Cube PIncushion With Cream BackgroundBrownie Camera PincushionRetro Radio PincushionI love pincushions and I consider them one of the most important tools in my sewing box.  I like not having to worry about stray pins and needles accidentally getting lost.  Whenever I sew, the discarded pin always goes from my project, straight to the pincushion.  I make sure anyone, I'm teaching is just as paranoid about using the pincushion as myself.  Pins don't go on the table, on the sewing machine, or stuck into the furniture.  They go straight into pincushion jail, do not pass Go.  I have to thank my paranoia and pragmatism of this subject on my mother.  She once told me the story of how one time my grandmother lost a pin and, of course, back then pin heads had only the small, flat heads.  They didn't have the big colorful plastic balls that we have today.  As a result, she later ended up stepping on the pin and it went straight into her heel.  It went so deep that she had to go to the hospital to have it removed.  OWIEEEE!  Are you as paranoid as me now?  Good.  And here's my PSA for the protection of feet everywhere.  "Save a foot.  Put the pins and needles back in the pincushion."

In order to make saving feet more fun, we have this week's video tutorial project:  the puzzle cube pincushion!  While the tomato pincushion is classic, sometimes, you just have to admit that classic is boring.  Pretty much everyone has a tomato and sewing is all about being creative and being different.  This week I wanted to go retro and what's more retro then this old school game from the '80's.  It's fun and it's functional as a pincushion.  Who could ask for more than that?  Not only that, but making your own pincushion is quick, easy, and economical.  Mine consists of felt and sand so you don't need much to get started, only your creativity.

After I finished this one, I quickly made two more using the same idea of the cube.  It's really easy to put your own spin on it and come up with something great.  This time, I went a little vintage and made a box camera and radio, using real items in my collection as my inspiration.  I'm not going to lie, I squealed at end results!  Is it weird for me to sew with three pincushions?  Maybe I can organize them so that one is used for pins, one for needles and one just for looking cute.  Making pincushions has been such a blast, that I want to make more.  It makes me wish I had more friends who sew so I can give them as Christmas gifts.  Talk about the perfect stocking stuffer.

So give this one a whirl as I'm sure you'll love the results.  Once you do, I'm sure you'll be like me, eying your surroundings for cube shaped objects for your next one.  Right now, I just glanced at my fish tank.  Oh my gosh, how cute would that be?

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2 thoughts on “Puzzle Cube Pincushion

  1. Cilou6

    ” They go straight into pincushion jail, do not pass Go. ” Indeed! This reference to Monopoly makes me feel like making a dice pincishion…
    My fear is not about my feet, it’s about leaving a pin betwenn the main fabric and the lining. And the wear the garnment…ouch!

  2. margiesue

    I love how you made different pincushions from one basic pattern! My favorite pincushion is the Brownie Camera Pincushion!!!

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