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Pressing 101

PressingLet's be honest, pressing your fabric is definitely not the most exciting aspect when it comes to sewing. We love picking out projects, buying fabric, sewing seams on our wonderful sewing machines. Pressing, at most, probably elicits a huge sigh and we ask, "do we have to?" In this, I'll take one for the team and be the stern teacher we all need.  Yes, you have to. I know. I know. I don't like it either. But pressing can be the difference between someone saying, "You made that, didn't you?" and "You made that?!?" Pressing really makes that much of a difference and that's why it's so important. Not only is it important to do it, but it's also important to know the difference between pressing and ironing. And if you're asking, "There's a difference?" then you're the perfect audience for this video. So, come along and take your sewing medicine and learn all about the importance of pressing.

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