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Piping On A PillowI think piping is one of those embellishments that gets taken for granted.  No one tends to pay much attention to it, although you can pretty much see it everywhere you look in the home decorating department.  Maybe it gets ignored because it's not sparkly or lacey or pops with the wow factor.  Piping may very well be the middle child of the embellishment family and yet it can be very versatile.  Piping can be used on pillows, blankets, clothes, hats, and so many other projects.  The simple concept of piping really does add to your project and it can be fun to make your own.

Making your own piping is kind of similar to making your own bias tape.  What I like about making both of these items is that you're not limited by fabric and pattern design.  If you were to purchase premade piping, you would see that there is a limiting choice of color and pattern.  When you make your own, your possibilities are endless.  And who doesn't like endless possibilities?

In our new video tutorial, we show you not only how to make your own piping but, also, how to incorporate it into your projects.  It doesn't get any better than that and now your home decorating projects can just get better and better.

You go ahead and shine in your own way, Piping.  We love you just the way you are.


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