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Pincushion Pumpkin

Pincushion PumpkinLove Halloween?  Love sewing?  Why not combine them.  This tutorial offers a fun way to decorate your Halloween pumpkin without having to do any carving.  It's a pumpkin disguised as a pincushion.  Now here's a pumpkin that shouts to the world that you love sewing.  This is an easy project with minimum sewing so it can be done by anyone.  And it's so cute, it even has the little strawberry, you can leave it out past Halloween.

There are patterns available for creating the leaf at the top of the pincushion and for the strawberry.  You may need to adjust them to fit according to the size of your pumpkin.  I used a medium size pumpkin for this creation but you can also do this with the minis, if you're looking to do this on a smaller scale.

So grab your pumpkin, some paint and felt and make a pincushion pumpkin along with us.

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3 thoughts on “Pincushion Pumpkin

  1. Susan19514

    So cute! I wish I had discovered this website before Halloween. I’ll definitely be doing this next year. :o)

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