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PillowcaseSewing really does allow me to be creative and to make my living space extra homey.  You can do the same!  Buy some cute fabric and make a pair of pillowcases to jazz up the bedroom.  This particular pillowcase has a contrasting band at the end so you can use two different types of fabric or make it the same fabric.  It's a great foundation that you can really build upon.  Not only is this great for you, but imagine what a unique housewarming gift this could be for friends and family.  The dimensions used to create my pillows are given and they're meant for standard size pillows but you can definitely adjust it for other sizes.  Get started on your new pillowcases today.

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2 thoughts on “Pillowcase

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    here are the sizes for pillowcases:
    Queen case: 41″ x 36″
    King Case: 41″ x 42″
    You can really make your panel at the end any width that you want, just subtract it from the measurements. So if I want a 4″ panel in a queen pillowcase. I would do the main panel 41″ X 32″ and then make the panel 9″ (4″ doubled so that it also goes on the inside of the pillow, that’s 8″ plus 1″ for seam allowance.)

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