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Picnic Blanket

Picnic Blanket Outside Picnic Blanket FoldedWhen the weather is nice, you just want to go outside and soak it up either at the beach or in a park.  Dragging along a picnic blanket isn't always the easiest but worth it when you don't have to sit directly on the ground.  What if your picnic blanket was also very easy to take with you?  What if it was a nice, convenient tote?  If you do our picnic blanket tutorial, you'll get the best of both worlds.  Using simple fleece and some bias tape, you too can whip up a summer picnic blanket that folds up into an easy-to-carry tote.  Plus, as a bonus, the flap has a zipper pocket for picnic utensils or for holding valuables like your keys so they don't get lost when you're taking it easy.  Add optional metal or embroidered eyelets to the corners and you can stake down your picnic blanket so windy days won't end the fun early.  This picnic blanket project is a must-make for everyone.

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