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Pattern Weights

Pattern WeightsIf you plan on cutting out your fabric pieces using a rotary cutter, you'll definitely want to get your hands on some pattern weights.  These little handy tools are essential because they'll prevent your pattern from slipping  and allow you to cut your fabric pieces with more accuracy.  You can purchase pattern weights at the fabric store, although they can be a little pricey.  You can also use things that you find around the house.  Another option is to make your own pattern weights.  This option is pretty inexpensive, especially if you use fabric scraps and they're simply filled with uncooked rice.  You'll need several of them to do the job, but, thankfully, they don't take very long to make one.  The pattern weights I made also have ribbon loops on them so that they can be tied together with another ribbon so it makes it a little easier to keep them together.  Plus using funky prints make using your pattern weights fun.

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  3. johannaali

    Super cute! I love these and who doesn’t have fabric scraps everywhere? I’ll be making these very soon.

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