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Pants Crotch Length Pattern Alteration

Pants Crotch Length Pattern AlterationThere's nothing worse than having ill-fitting pants.  Because of all the different measurements that go into making a pair of pants, there are many ways it can go wrong.  If your pants are too long, that can be annoying but it's also easy to fix.  If the crotch area is too long and is sagging or it's too tight creating horizontal wrinkles, then what are you supposed to do?  In this tutorial, we tackle pattern alterations to the crotch length. We demonstrate both how to shorten and lengthen the crotch because we know that either of these issues can be uncomfortable. This alteration is done to the pattern stage but I recommend that you always create a muslin after making any alterations.  It's very important to test the fit so you can make sure that you get the best fitting pants you can.

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8 thoughts on “Pants Crotch Length Pattern Alteration

  1. hickskr

    Does this method work on leggings with no center seam and a gusset? If so, how would I do that? Thank you!

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    If you have a small difference than you can usually ease the inseams together, but with a large difference it makes it difficult. What I suggest is to do the increase for the same so 2 for the front and 2 for the back. But also on the back pattern, at the top of the crotch line, extending this line by another 2.5. Blend the top of that line towards the existing waistline, creating an adjusted waistline. good luck!

  3. Stephanie


    I am trying to increase the length of my crotch in a pair of shorts. As i have a swayed back, i put most in the back and a few cms in the front. This has now created a difference between the inside seams of the front and back. Do i increase or decrease this seam? I increased the front by 2cm and the back by 4.5cm and there is now a 2cm differnce to this seam.


  4. Richard

    I hope it’s not too indelicate to ask but since I can’t find out any other way, I’ll just ask. How do I measure crotch length for men’s pants?
    I can understand how using a tape “between your legs” to measure crotch length would likely work for FEMALES… but I’m a MALE. I have “special” needs and haven’t much idea on how to go about getting the right amount of “easing” in this area. I have pants that are OK when I’m standing but when I sit down, they’re too tight. I also have pants where the front extends well below the amount I need. I sure would appreciate a discussion/video on this touchy topic. Thanks.

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