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Mouse Ornament

Mouse OrnamentMouse Ornament Younger YearsMy mother is very talented and crafty.  She used to sew all the time and when I was young, she would make things to sell in the neighborhood boutiques.  One item that I remember very clearly was her mice.  She'd specifically like to sew mice heads and make them into ornaments so that their little head was peeking out of a matchbox or a little bed.  She also used to make them into a broach which you can see me modeling here.  They were quite popular and there's no wonder as they were very cute.  Some families pass on recipes, I guess, in my family, we pass on sewing projects.

It is because of this warm memory that I have, that I decided to create my own version of the mouse head ornament, as a tribute to my wonderful and talented mother.  My mouse ornament is ready for the chilly weather, wearing his ear muffs and cozy scarf. He's an adorable addition to anyone's holiday or winter decor.  This mouse ornament utilizes stuffing, beads, ribbon, pompoms and felt.  I chose to use a corduroy fabric, because I wanted something soft and it's one of my favorites, but you can pretty much use any kind of fabric that you wish.  The best part of this project is that it's a quick one that doesn't require too much time.  It's perfect for not only decorating your tree, but also on top of a gift.  It's easy to personalize this mouse as you can change the colors to suit the receiver, either their favorite colors or maybe their sports or school colors.

The pattern pieces are available for download. Make one today!

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4 thoughts on “Mouse Ornament

  1. KoffeeGypsy

    This was such a cute idea – I started 5 and put them in kits for each member of my brother’s family in a holiday box I sent off to Allaska!! They get to go to 5 min and 44 sec into your video to finish as a family on Christmas Eve, I hope they enjoy putting them together as much as I did 🙂 Thanks and perfect timing for the holidays!!

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