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Monogram Pillow

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Monogram Pillow Side View

Monogram Pillow Side ViewMonogram Pillow Front ViewWhen the Professor's Assistant and I first started toying with the idea of Professor Pincushion, one of the first projects we decided to do was a decorative throw pillow.  Not only are pillows a good beginner project, but I had just moved into my new apartment and, coincidentally, needed pillows to help spruce up the place.  I was on a very small decorating budget and I strictly believe in the saying, "necessity is the mother of all inventions" or "I need it and so I will make it."  If I can't afford designer throw pillows,  then it's time to break out the sewing machine.

Since this was the very beginning of Professor Pincushion, we were still in the period where we thought we could do all the videos with a simple webcam setup.  Needless to say, it didn't work as well as we would have hoped since we had no control over how the shot looked (i.e. focusing) and the Professor's Assistant had to lug his whole computer setup downstairs to our workshop.  This out-of-focus pillow demonstration is not available on the website.  You're welcome.  This probably works out for the best, as it was just a simple, no frill pillow and, I have to say, BORING.

Since the website was now pillow-less, I decide to go ahead and do another one, but, this time, decided to step it up a notch and created the "Pillowgram to Monogram" pillow.  It's still easy but this time the results are even better and I've even knocked my original, boring pillows off the couch.  This one is a keeper and definitely fits in with the whole designer look I was going for the first time around.

I've always loved the monogram look, which is becoming more and more popular these days.  And it's no wonder as who doesn't like things personalized?  With double sided fusible webbing, it's really easy to create your own appliques.  I may be appliqueing many more things around the house.  I'm looking at you, boring couch!  Huzzah!

I decided to add the image of the deer head because I love incorporating animals into my projects.  Anyone who knows me, knows about my obsession with birds and I was this close to making a bird monogram pillow but, luckily for everyone else, I switched to a deer.  For one thing, I really love the look of the deers antlers enclosing the monogram.  Also, I strongly believe that fabric selection can take an average pillow to an amazing pillow.  I believe the fabric, in this case, gave the pillow its own unique style and it totally fits with my apartment.  The nice thing with DIY though is that you can do whatever fabric you want and whatever applique you want and no one can tell you that it's wrong...especially when it feels so right!

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