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Minky Baby Blanket

Minky Baby BlanketOne nice thing about sewing, is that it allows you to be less dependent on buying retail items at the retail price.  If you save your coupons, you can usually make a gift that's nicer and more economical.  Making a minky baby blanket is pretty easy, even for beginners, plus you'll be making one that's just as nice as the ones you find at the baby stores.  The dimensions given in this tutorial are for a receiving blanket size so you can make one with just one yard of minky fabric and one package of satin binding.  If you can't find minky at your fabric store, you can substitute fleece.  Any baby would be lucky to receive one of these luxurious blankets that are made with love!

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3 thoughts on “Minky Baby Blanket

  1. KristiR123

    Please help! I’m using this tutorial to sew a satin binding on a baby quilt. Everything was going pretty well until I started the binding. I’ve had trouble with the zig zag stitch in the past getting snagged up somehow and then it bunches up a bunch of thread on the underside but looks ok on the front. Any ideas what is causing this? Can I upload a picture?

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    I would call a local sewing machine repair shop. They’ll probably have a good idea on how you can get one or if there’s a pfaff dealer nearby.

  3. apoler

    Love the blanket!! We’re expecting a grandchild in June, and this would be a perfect gift. I have an older Pfaff 1475 and am just beginning a search for a walking foot. If I can’t find one, would the existing dual feed work with the Minky fabric and satin binding?

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