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Lace Applique

Lace AppliqueLace applique no longer needs to be relegated only to the utmost formal dresses, such as royal inaugurations or wedding dresses.  In fact, there's no reason you can't add a bit of lacy embellishment to any of your most casual garments.  When you sew, you can do anything you want and maybe you should.  If adding a bit of lace applique is something that piques your interest, then look no further than this tutorial.  While the concept may seem complicating, adding a lace applique is actually quite simple.  While the hand sewing is time consuming, the effort is well worth it, especially when you can add such a beautiful detail to your projects.

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3 thoughts on “Lace Applique

  1. the_professors_assistant

    This question was answered by the Professor on YouTube, but here it is if you did not see it.

    If it were me, I’d probably do hand stitching to attach instead of using the machine. It’ll be more time consuming but you have better control at in sewing in different directions and making the stitches more invisible.

  2. Darlene Duseberg

    I watched this video and need help with a project a client brought to me. Your video is only one I can find that is similar to what I want to do. My client has pieces of lace from a wedding gown of a woman who has passed away. The woman’s son is getting married and wants pieces of the lace sewn on handkerchiefs for himself and his father. Your lace has thicker outlines but mine has very flimsy ones. I cut a piece as a sample and tried to sew around the uneven edges with a straight stitch and also a zigzag – both looked terrible. I can send an image. Do you have any suggestions? I would appreciate it.
    Thank you.

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