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Infinity Scarf

Infinity ScarfI love working with fleece.  It doesn't fray.  It doesn't slip around the table.  It's pretty easy to cut.  It's like the cozy, old friend of the fabric world.  This is why I love making this infinity scarf!  Since it's also made out of fleece, it's also cozy and comforting, especially if you have to go out on a cold, chilly day.  This project is super easy and, the best part  is, you get a cool infinity scarf out of the deal.  From 1 yard you can get 3 scarfs, so make one for yourself and your pals.   Plus our demonstration shows you how to do a hand blanket stitch to finish your edges for a unique detail.  (This is optional since fleece doesn't have to be finished.) You can use this same stitch technique to finish fleece blankets as well but, if you're just learning, this infinity project is perfect for beginners.

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One thought on “Infinity Scarf

  1. luna

    Wow this is great. Thank you. I love working with fleece. Its such a nice fabric to work with and it looks great for scarves and hats. The blanket stitch really set it off. Gorgeous!

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