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Increase Hip Pattern Alteration

Hip Line Increase - Pattern AlterationIt's unfortunate that we can't always fit in the box of measurements dictated by commercial patterns.  But now there's no longer a reason to fret over measurement discrepancies.  We're here to show you an easy way to make alterations and adjustments so now you can easily increase the hip circumference.  Using the pivot method, we can easily increase just the hip measurements, keeping the integrity of the rest of the pattern.  Now you'll no longer need to go up a size or deal with ill-fitting clothes.

As with all alterations and adjustments, make sure that you make a muslin first so you can test the fit and cheaper fabric instead of sacrificing your nice fabric.  This way, there will be no surprises later on and you'll know exactly what you're getting.

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5 thoughts on “Increase Hip Pattern Alteration

  1. Fran

    What if your thigh is larger than your hip? Can you use the pivot method for the thigh area?

  2. keyco1537

    I really love this one because size 16 pencil skirts are too tight and size 18 is too big so I have to try and find 16 1/2 size which are few and far between. Thank you so very much.

  3. Fashion@...Best

    I have this problem all the time ,I’m so happy to be watching this video today. Thank you

  4. RyanC

    Awesome. It makes so much sense when you explain it like this. I am a guy (hence no hips) but this technique will be awesome for altering patterns for my wife. Thanks!

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