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Hong Kong Finish

Hong Kong FinishAre you looking for an elegant way to finish your seams or hems?  If you don't mind taking the time, consider the Hong Kong finish as a way to hide those ugly raw edges.  Commonly used as a way to finish high end garments, your projects will look amazing inside and out.  We demonstrate on how to create the Hong Kong finish on both a seam and on a hem.  While this finish is very beautiful, please realize that it's is a time consuming finisher.  The end result is so worth it though and no one will ever guess that your garment is homemade.  Try the Hong Kong finish on your next garment.

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3 thoughts on “Hong Kong Finish

  1. Alexis Lane

    Very, very helpful. I don’t have a serger machine yet so always great to see other methods of finishing a fabric edge.

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