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Holiday Table Runner

Holiday Table RunnerLooking for some easy and festive ideas for decorating your table during the holidays?  We have a project that's perfect for you.  Learn how to create an elegant and versatile table runner using burlap, lace and ribbon.   This is a quick project that can be done in no time and your tablescape will be sure to impress your guests.  What's great about this table runner is that it provides a great neutral foundation so you can use it to suit pretty much any holiday or theme.

For this project, we collaborated with Tiffany Windsor at Cool2Craft.  Tiffany is the founder of the Cool2Craft community and was lucky enough to be born into a creative, crafty family.  You may recognize Tiffany's mom's glue - Aleene's Tacky Glue. Tiffany continues in the family tradition of designing and sharing creative ideas.  Follow along with her to learn how to create some beautiful burlap looped flowers.  These flowers coordinate wonderfully with our burlap table runner.  You'll also want to check out her YouTube channel, Cool2Craft or her website, as she has over 900 crafty tutorials.  Wow!

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4 thoughts on “Holiday Table Runner

  1. Buncobuddy

    What a great giveaway! This time of year I need all the extra help I can get, and this table runner will decorate my dinner table! Thanks!

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