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Hand Sewing 101

Hand Stitch SamplesI didn't start to formally learn to sew until I was in high school.  It was there that I was lucky enough to take a beginning sewing class which I loved and then there was no stopping me.  I went on to take advanced sewing and then costuming.  After high school, I got my first job working part time in a fabric store where I continued to learn how to do new things from my more experienced coworkers.  And while I'm still learning, and will hopefully never stop learning, I feel quite comfortable in my sewing skills and a lot of things feel like second nature.

One of those things is hand sewing.  When you've been doing it for as long as I have, you don't even really think about the steps anymore.  It's just fluid, natural and I like to do it when I'm vegging out, watching television, because there's not a lot of thinking involved.  Then I stop and watch The Professor's Assistant try to sew something and it dawns on me that hand sewing, even basic stitching, is something that you do have to learn.  So many times, I catch people knotting both ends of the thread or using the biggest needle possible.  I hope this video tutorial will be helpful to those who have never used a needle and thread before.  Even if you plan on only doing machine sewing, you will find yourself doing hand sewing eventually.   And once you've got it down, maybe you'll be like me and find hand sewing relaxing.

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3 thoughts on “Hand Sewing 101

  1. flofash

    Why cant we download videos?? *crying* lnternet is kind expensive in the prt of the world where I am. Cant keep watching a particular video over and over to learn. Thats kind of hard.

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