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Front Inserted Pocket

Front Inserted PocketI love garments that have pockets, so the more pockets I have the better.  I especially like the front inserted pocket.  This pocket is commonly seen in casual pants, skirts and shorts.  Creating the front inserted pocket will definitely give your pants, shorts, or skirt a professional look.  It really looks more complicating than it is and once you see how it's done, you'll be amazed at it's simplicity.  You'll never be intimidated by the appearance of the front inserted pockets again in your commercial patterns.


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10 thoughts on “Front Inserted Pocket

  1. Sticth201-2

    I spent two hours trying to figure out the “pockets”. Mine pattern is a bit different given the pocket and yoke are one piece ( no facing). Nonetheless, this video helped me out soooooo much. Thanks a million. Tomorrow I will complete the pants. 😉

  2. kellyk


    im so struggling with the patterns and as well as the steps. I am planning to sew a short pants with zipper and pockets, but I have no idea whether i should do my pocket or zipper first or it doesnt matter which one does first? And just wondering if you have a patterns of short pants and the pockets?

    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  3. ProfessorPincushion

    Can you post an image of the pattern directions in our Ask a Question forum? It’ll give me a better idea of what it wants you to do so I can help. 🙂 Thanks!

  4. holdithere

    Great tutorial. thanks. the pattern I am trying to make a dress from shows to put the pocket piece on first and I have a piece called the yolk and pocket but neither of the pieces get sewn to the raw edge like you did in your first step. the first step says to pin pocket facing to curved edge of front. and it only goes up the curve part way , not all the way to the waist of the skirt. the second step says to pin yoke and pocket to skirt and pocket facing. i’m so confused.

  5. BrendaCouture

    This video was exactly the one I was looking for! So handy… Thanx so much, because you’ve just made my day. 🙂

  6. Barbra

    I am interested in learning to make pants to fit my body. I want pants that are low waisted, with darts and no pockets. Is that possible?

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