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French and Chain Tack

French And Chain TackIf you're wondering how to keep the hem of your lining in place, wonder no more.  The tack attaches the lining and outer shell of the garment together and is usually done by hand.  Don't worry, it's not that time consuming, because you only need to do it at seam allowances.   In this tutorial, we show you how to do two different versions of the tack:  the French tack and the chain tack.  Between the two, I find that the chain tack, once you get the hang of it, is the faster one, but I prefer the look of the French tack.  I also think that the French tack seems a little stronger than the chain tack.  Either one will work in a pinch though but you should try both to see which one is your preference.

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2 thoughts on “French and Chain Tack

  1. Jean LaPalme ( guy ) sewer

    Thank you for you quick response for the Chain and French Taak. Very weel done. Thank you again very appreciated. Continue and I’m keeping looking at your videos.

    Mr Jean Lapalme

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