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Fleece Winter Hat

Fleece HatWhen the weather is cold, you'll be thankful that you have a nice, warm fleece hat.  With this tutorial, we show you not only how to sew your hat but, also, how to create a custom pattern based on your head size.  If that sounds complicating, stick around.  This type of pattern drafting is super easy, even a beginner can do it.  You'll want to make a fleece hat for everyone in your family.  While the hat itself, is very basic, it has the added detail of decorative hand stitching on the rim, plus a fun pom pom on top.

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3 thoughts on “Fleece Winter Hat

  1. Ella Duhon

    As a child, Spiegle catalog was the only one my mom would order clothes from and there were 10 of us so the prices had to be really great. Also as a child looking in books and such , usually, color is the is the childs inspiration if they are given the choice. Well that still holds true today . All of the beautiful aray of colors that are available these days can’t help but keep one inspired to many projects . Colors for children and adults alike are what gives me most of my inspiration , But to make it all come together one must have tools .This is where tutorials come in and with the use of a great machine and numerous decorative stitches and the know how from Professor Pincushion, who can stop me? LOL I just think of the new mothers and first baby families that love getting quilts made from such vibrant colors such as Michael Miller and and Moda ,.Oh my goodness my mind is my pallet and the machine my paint brushes I just love putting together all of these colors to please someone else. Thank You Professor Pincushion !

  2. ProfessorPincushion

    You’ll probably have to do some alteration such as make the hat a little shorter as the length includes the pom pom. You might also have to adjust the top shape as the pom pom helps round the top of the hat and now you’ll have to replicate that with your seam.

  3. Renaissance Princess

    Would the procedure be the same even if you omit the pom pom part? Guys are not that into pom poms.

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