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Fabric Napkins

Fabric Napkin FoldedFabric Napkin Mitered CornerFabric napkins can not only be earth-friendly, but they can also be beautiful.  Folded elegantly, they can really make the place setting when you're entertaining.  The great thing about making your own, is that it can be more economical than purchasing ready made, and you have a wide variety of different fabrics and prints you can use.  Homemade napkins can be created for all and any occasions.

Our tutorial shows you just how easy it is to create your own napkins and how to create a crisp and clean looking mitered corner.  Your napkins can also be made into any size.  For my particular example, my finished napkin is 16"X16" so you can use my dimensions or come up with your own.  You can embellish your napkins for an extra unique touch.  The best fabric to make napkins with is washable fabric and is also reversible, so that there is no clear wrong side.

Regardless, this quick and easy home dec project will step up your dinner party game.

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4 thoughts on “Fabric Napkins

  1. shirleygirly7

    You do such a wonderful job. I am just beginning to sew and other sites seem confusing. Hurrah for you!!

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