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Fabric Earrings – Live Webcast


How it Works:

Professor Pincushion is going live for a test run on creating a fun project while hanging out with other crafters.  There are many ways to participate.  You can ask questions live with your own voice and be in the broadcast video feed by being in the google hangout. You can just watch the live video feed and ask questions in the Professor Pincushion live chat section on our site.  If you just like to lurk, you can just watch the live video feed on our front page or on our YouTube channel page.  At the bottom of this page are detailed instructions on how to do each one, just pick which one you wish to do.  Feel free to post feedback in the comments below to see how we can improve for the next live broadcast.

Supply List for Earrings:

  • Pattern (available for download on this page - hint, its a circle)
  • Scrap cotton or lightweight fabric - about a 6 inch square
  • scrap cotton batting or felt - about a 6 inch square
  • sewing machine (optional)
  • hammer
  • eyelet kit (size 5/32") - 2 eyelets  needed, but package gives you more than that.  The kit also has the tool needed to hammer the eyelets together.
  • jump rings (size 12mm) - at least 2 are needed.
  • french wire earring hooks - at least 2 are needed.
  • embroidery floss
  • contrasting thread
  • pins and needles
  • scissors
  • 1/16" holepunch (optional)
  • fabric glue
  • liquid sealant to prevent fraying
  • items to decorate earrings (beads, sequins, felt, rhinestones)
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2 thoughts on “Fabric Earrings – Live Webcast

  1. margiesue

    Thank you Professor Pincushion for the outstanding live webcam showing us how to create the Flirty Fabric Earrings! It was so much fun! You always do a fabulous job and you have motivated me to make my own! I already have some great ideas for making my earrings and I hope to post some pictures when they are finished.

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