Fabric Dye

Fabric DyeUsually, when I start a new project, I not only have an idea of what type of fabric I would like to use, but I, generally, also know what color I imagine my project to be.  It never fails that I have my heart set on a specific color, but when I'm actually at the fabric store, I tend to find that they have every color but the one I want.  So I usually have to then change my plans and that leads to disappointment.  But before disappointment sets in, there is another option.  Fabric dye!  Yes, you can use a fabric dye to change the color of your textile into something more pleasing to you.  Many fabrics can be dyed and there are a lot of dye colors to choose from.  I demonstrate the steps for dyeing your fabric using one particular brand, but other brands seem to have similar steps.  You can definitely use this tutorial as a fabric dye overview.  With fabric dye, you'll never have to settle for your second choice.

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