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Fabric Dye

Fabric DyeUsually, when I start a new project, I not only have an idea of what type of fabric I would like to use, but I, generally, also know what color I imagine my project to be.  It never fails that I have my heart set on a specific color, but when I'm actually at the fabric store, I tend to find that they have every color but the one I want.  So I usually have to then change my plans and that leads to disappointment.  But before disappointment sets in, there is another option.  Fabric dye!  Yes, you can use a fabric dye to change the color of your textile into something more pleasing to you.  Many fabrics can be dyed and there are a lot of dye colors to choose from.  I demonstrate the steps for dyeing your fabric using one particular brand, but other brands seem to have similar steps.  You can definitely use this tutorial as a fabric dye overview.  With fabric dye, you'll never have to settle for your second choice.

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2 thoughts on “Fabric Dye

  1. professorpincushion Post author

    @suzyhomewrecker You might want to contact the manufacturer of dye remover company and see what they say. I mean, if you feel like your top is already ruined, it doesn’t hurt to try and see what happens. I doubt the active ingredient of dye remover is the same as fabric dye so it might not have the same rules. But it’s probably doubtful you’re going to be able to re-dye it with fabric dye since the majority of the garment is made up of synthetic fibers.

  2. SuzyHomewrecker

    I accidentally got some bleach in a dark blue polyester turtleneck top. I bought a pkg. of dye remover to hopefully strip the remaining blue and then try to redye it as close as possible again. Unfortunately, in your video u say polyester fabric won’t take the dye. Will the dye stripper not work either maybe. Brand new top and can’t wear it except just at home right now. Any suggestions would b greatly appreciated.
    The garment is:. 54% Polyester, 42%Viscose and 4%

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