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Dog Collar

Dog CollarAs many of you know, we've recently got Paisley, our rescue dog, and I've been in the market for new dog collar.  The collar the shelter sent home with her was fine, but she needed something a little more exciting.  You can buy a cheap collar or you can spend a lot for a really nice collar, but did you know that you can actually make your own dog collar?  Yes, you can and it's super easy!  Watch this tutorial to learn how to make your own dog collar for unlimited collars and design combos.  There's no reason your dog's collar needs to be lacking in style.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Collar

  1. Lewis Kersey

    Not sure how to remove my previous post, but this is why. I went to Walmart earlier this evening and they have a 10 pack of assorted sizes of the clips and connectors for only $1.47. They had a pack of multi-colored & a pack of black. It was in the arts & crafts section. And the sewing section had the nylon cord for $2.50. Hope this helps.

  2. Lewis Kersey

    You can buy the smaller size dog collars at the dollar store and cut off the parts you need. It will be a lot cheaper than buying specialty parts online. The Dollar Tree in my hometown sells various size collars all for $1 each. Just a thought.

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