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Dear Professor Pincushion – Secret Sewing Agent

Secret Sewing AgentConfession time!  Years ago, I started a new job at a visual effects house in Los Angeles.  While I was training, I was told that my predecessor had sewn all the 10 foot tall curtains that went around the conference room in order to save the company money.  Did I take that opportunity to then mention that I, too, knew how to sew?  Uh...NOPE!  I may have instead said something like, "wow, I wish I knew how to sew.  Oh well!"  I may have denied sewing a few times in my life just because I've had more than one person, even strangers, ask me to hem, fix, or sew something for them at the very mention of sewing machine ownership.  If you can relate, then you'll want to watch this Dear Professor Pincushion - Secret Sewing Agent.

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2 thoughts on “Dear Professor Pincushion – Secret Sewing Agent

  1. Future Fashion Designer

    Funny! And so true!
    Learning to say no.
    Or…..”I was going to wash my car with my free time this week. How about you wash my car and I’ll hem your jeans”? Watch em run…

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