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Dear Professor Pincushion: Fabric Store

Dear Professor Pincushion - Fabric StoreIs going to the fabric store better than going to Disneyland?  Or are you dragged unwilling to fabric stores by your significant other?  Whichever answer you pick, one of us understands!  Professor Pincushion and The Professor's Assistant offers their own unique perspective on fabric store shopping.  You're sure to find our trip to the fabric store humorous and can maybe relate to similar situations.

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9 thoughts on “Dear Professor Pincushion: Fabric Store

  1. chassyrn

    Ha! I just send my husband to best buy. When he is done he texts me he’s outside and to take my time. He waits in the truck! LOL! This way we both have a great time and he gets to spend the same amount I spend in the fabric store. Except of course I spend more because I have all the coupons!

  2. KoffeeGypsy

    My husband laughed at this, it’s so true!! But he doesn’t get convinced when I say things are such a great deal

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