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Dear Professor Pincushion – Fabric Heist

Dear Professor Pincushion - Fabric HeistA heist is an elaborate plan to smuggle out money, jewels, or priceless pieces of art.  The fabric heist though is elaborate plan to sneak in fabric, without getting caught by that unsuspecting spouse, who doesn't understand our fabric needs.  Yes, it's being sneaky but sometimes being sneaky is fun.  Have you planned your own fabric heists?  See Professor Pincushion a.k.a "Stitches McGee" in action as she attempts to pull one over on "The Mark."

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5 thoughts on “Dear Professor Pincushion – Fabric Heist

  1. Mrs.Z.

    I hid my stash between the mattresses of all the beds in the house, and on hangers w/clothes to cover the fabric, and folded into clean linen in the linen pantry. All went well, until we started to move, and my husband decided to help me pack while I was at work. Busted. :'( I am not allowed to shop solo in fabric stores any longer.

  2. dmdansby

    This is so funny…and so true. I just got home from grocery shopping. I bought some fabric for a project because I couldn’t wait for the fabric I ordered on line to get here. I stuck it in a little trash can that I also bought and left it in the car when I came home. The “mark” (my husband) just fell asleep in front of the TV so I am going to sneak out and get the fabric before he notices. I hope UPS comes while he is asleep because I am expecting a couple of fabric shipments:) I just love fabric!

  3. rubybulge

    My current passion has been going to Thrift Stores for fabric. This sometimes scores OLD fabric or even a discount price fabric. I tend to spread my fabric in different areas of the house; I think the fear is if I put it all together it would be suspicious for someone who is not a fab-ra-holic. If I was ever caught with a new piece of fabric I would just look Thankful and Surprised at the same time and say something like, “OH Thank you! I haven’t seen that for a long time! I was wondering where it was. where did you find it?” The only thing that would give me away was if the dated receipt was with said material. I have specific instructions to my husband to let my friends/family go through my fabric cache before donating it should I pass away before him. =) Glad I’m not the only fabric hoarder.

  4. Beau

    I thought I was very clever by buying online but found there was a snitch in the house. My Grand daughter on seeing a package, ” Oh Nanna, not more material, you never use it”
    $1,800. Dollars worth of fabric so far. But I just love fabric.

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