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Curtain Panel

Want to do a little home decorating but don't know where to start?  Curtains are a simple way to give your place a homey feeling.  If you make them yourself, it can be more economical than purchasing premade ones.  Curtains are nice because they can be functional, but also lend some color to the room.  There are so many fabrics out there that you can use to create different looks; floral, sheer, solids.  There's just an unlimited options out there that it can inspire the style of the whole room.

The most basic curtain you can make is the curtain panel.  Even though it's basic, it's still very versatile as you can use this method to create long panels, panels with tie backs, or valances.  In our tutorial, we show you how to figure out how much fabric will be needed to make curtains.  We then demonstrate how to create the basic curtain panel.  If you've never sewn curtains before, this is a great introduction into home decorating.


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