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Cover Stitch – Double Needle

Cover Stitch - Double NeedleEver look at ready-to-wear garments and think, "My homemade clothes look nice but how can I get them to look more professional?"  The cover stitch is simple and, yet, it really does give the appearance of professionalism.  You'll commonly see this stitch on the hemlines of your shirts and it can be used for woven or knit garments.  I think it's ideal for knit garments because it still allows it to be stretched.  The cover stitch can be done on any sewing machine that has the ability to do a zig zag stitch.  All you need to purchase is a twin needle which can be purchased at most fabric stores.  I use my sewing machine to show you how I thread for the double needle, but you may want to consult your sewing machine manual.  Some sewing machines may have a special setting or button.  The cover stitch will certainly be one of your go-to stitches once you get the hang of it.

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