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Continuous Thread Sewing

Continuous Thread SewingEven if you've been sewing for a long time, there's always new techniques and tricks to learn. I feel like I'm always learning something new and then I get excited to share it with you. Continuous thread sewing (a.k.a. one thread stitching, a.k.a. continuous dart) is one of those cool techniques that almost seems like magic. The sewing machine sews only using the bobbin thread, allowing one end of your stitching to forgo having a backstitch because at that end, it's one continuous thread...hence, the name. Why would you want this? Sometimes, like in darts, you don't want a back stich at the dart tip and maybe a hand knot will also be unsightly, because you're working with sheer fabric. In this case, continuous thread sewing gives us a different and better option. The end is secure and it also looks very clean. Does it sound tricky? It's not! You simply have to thread the machine differently and this tutorial shows you how.

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