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Coin Purse

Coin PurseLooking for a quick easy project?  How about making a cute coin purse.  Not only is this a quick project but it's a great way to use up those extra scraps you have lying around.  The finished size of this one is 4" X 3" but it's very easy to adjust if you'd like to make a zipper pouches of different sizes.  I used some leftover laminated cotton but you may use regular fabric for this, it just may not hold its shape as well and be a little more on the flimsy side.  You can also use felt and decorate it like we do with our multimedia pouch or use fabric glue to attach pretty rhinestones and embellish.

These coin purses also make great gifts and are perfect size for slipping in a gift card as a little extra gift, or great for making for yourself, when you need a little extra storage compartment.

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25 thoughts on “Coin Purse

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    Yes, you can definitely do this and then just have the two seams on the side. I didn’t with mine because I was working with directional fabric which means it would end up upside down on one side.

  2. Ofra Yechiel

    I’m wondering why you chose to close the body with 3 individual seams, instead of doing one seam and turning at the corners. Is there an interesting reason for this choice? I’m intrigued.

  3. Ladywolf4650

    Love the idea of using Bandana material for the coin purse and florescent too! Thanks for the very clever idea!

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