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Classic Monster Plushie

Classic Monster Frankenstein and BrideClassic Monster Vampire

Classic Monster MummyClassic Monster Frankenstein

When October rolls around, I start getting excited.  It's the holiday season coming up and I love the holidays.  I especially like Halloween.  It gives me the perfect excuse to break out my classic monster DVDs.  I love watching Frankenstein, Dracula, The Mummy, etc.  Is it any wonder that these movies are classics?  These actors created the most amazing characters, that are still popular 80 years later.  Yes, they're monsters but I like to think they're just all misunderstood, especially Frankenstein.  Poor guy is just looking for someone to love him.

As a tribute to these wonderful characters, we have the classic monster plushie video tutorial.  In this soft, tiny form, they're so loveable that kids and adults alike will love them.    Look at their little faces.  They don't want to scare anyone.  These monsters are only in danger of stealing your heart.

I first started with the Frankenstein monster, but had so much fun that I couldn't stop myself.  I went on to create his bride, Dracula, and the Mummy.  It's just one of those projects where you just want to keep going.  I know there are still monsters that need to be created.  Where's the Wolfman?  How about the Invisible Man?  So many possibilities!

Start the Halloween celebration early with our classic monster video tutorial and adopt your own monster today!

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