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Chevron Quilt TopChevron Quilt Top On Table
Have you made our basic block quilt and looking to something with a little more design but still easy?  You’re in luck!  Try our chevron striped quilt top.  This still utilizes the basic block pattern, but now with two fabrics stitched into one block.  The way you lay it out, makes it look like a beautiful zigzag design.  This quilt has a simple design, but the fabric you choose can really make it shine.  In this demo, we just show you how to create the quilt top but putting it together is the same as in our block quilt tutorial starting here.

It’s also a larger quilt, but you can easily adjust the size by adding or removing rows so that’s it’s the perfect size for you.  This top comes out to about the size of a full-size quilt, 80″ X 90″.  For the fabric backing, I would get at least 5 1/2 yards.  If you use 44/45″ fabric, you’ll cut the 5 1/2 yards in half (or ask the fabric store to cut two pieces of 2 3/4″), stitch the two pieces together at the length.  You’ll end up with one big backing that should be about 88″ X  99″.  If you get batting by the yard, this usually comes 90″ in width, so I would purchase at least 2 3/4 yards of this.  Of the binding, you can either make your own or use premade binding.  You’ll need at least 10 yards of binding, which should equal about 4 packages of 3 yards each.

Instead of stitching between each row when I’m doing my topstitch, I sew along the design of the zigzag.  I really liked how this came out.  If you make a quilt, please upload a picture as we’d love to see it.


  1. Avatar of barbarah


    April 13, 2016

    I’m a new quilter I copy the chart but I need the entire pattern where do I find that part?

    • Avatar of ProfessorPincushion


      April 16, 2016

      sorry, does that mean you downloaded the quilt chart that’s in the box below the video player? That gives you the layout that I did for my quilt but I don’t know what you mean by pattern. There’s no physical pattern as you’re basically just using a rotary cutter to cut straight lines to get the actual shapes and then use our download for the design layout.

  2. Avatar of glovities


    August 2, 2015

    I would like to make a king size quilt. I am having trouble figuring out how many yards of each color I will need. I am going to stick to the 4 colors that you used for your chart. This is my first quilt!

  3. Avatar of missy


    February 15, 2015

    I download the basic chart, but that isn’t the entire pattern, I’m not a new quilter but was interested in using this pattern to make my granddaughter in rainbow colors and thought the chevron chart would work, can you tell me what size triangles can be used to make a twin size quilt. The video used a 11×11 inch square cut to a 10 1/2 would it not be simpler to use a 10 inch square instead and cut into 4 equal triangles. I do like the chart and will use it. I’m not much into joining forums. But I do like new ideas.

    • Avatar of ProfessorPincushion


      February 18, 2015

      You can really make your finished square any size you wish. The 10 1/2 is the unfinished square and once the 1/4″ seam allowance is sewn, it becomes a finished 10″. You can definitely change the number of squares you need, by looking at suggested quilt sizes. Here’s a site that I like to look at: So a twin quilt is 68″ X 89″. I’ll simplify it since I’m working with finished 10″ blocks. So I’ll need 7 blocks X 9 blocks to get close to the twin size quilt. This means I’ll have to make a total of 63 blocks to complete the top. Hope this helps. :D If you finish your quilt, please share an image.

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