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Chair Seat Reupholster

Chair Seat ReupholsterEven if a chair is in poor condition, if the frame of the chair is in good shape, it can always brought back to life and be made like new again.  The easiest way to refresh a simple chair is to reupholster the seat.  As long as the seat can be taken off the frame of the chair, you can do this and it's actually a pretty easy and is a quick upcycle project.  Take an ugly thriftstore chair and make it elegant in just a few steps.  This tutorial shows you how to learn simple reupholstery so you can make these transformations yourself.

Fabric used in this video was provided by Mood Fabrics

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2 thoughts on “Chair Seat Reupholster

  1. SophieDogsMom

    In the past, I have reupholstered bar stools and chairs. To save time and effort, I carefully removed the old upholstery fabric and used the old fabric as my pattern. Worked every time.

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