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Buttonhole Hand Stitch

Buttonhole Hand Stitch SampleEver wonder how they did things in the old timey days before there were all these fancy schmancy machines to help us out?  Me too.  Not that I want to live like a pioneer or anything, but I find it interesting and it makes me appreciate the technology that we have.  One of the things that I appreciate is the magic of the buttonhole.  It can be done on the machine easily enough, but what did they do before?  Did they just avoid buttonholes?  I probably would have, until I learned that doing them by hand isn't really that bad. And if you don't have a machine, then you no longer have to avoid them either.  Even if you have a machine, it's fun to try it by hand.  Hand stitched buttonholes have such a unique look.  I love their quaintness and their charm.




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2 thoughts on “Buttonhole Hand Stitch

  1. Elise

    Hey, that’s pretty cool. I always kind of wondered how you were meant to make a buttonhole by hand.. now I know! Thanks. Doesn’t look too hard ether. 😀

  2. margiesue

    I have to say I never tried making a buttonhole by hand. After watching this video I am motivated to try it on my next project. I really like the added character it gives.

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