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Button Cuff

Button CuffThe button cuff, also known as a barrel cuff, is a professional way to finish off a sleeve.  You're not just doing a simple hem.  Instead, you're adding a separate piece that has interfacing.  We cover not only creating the cuff but also show how to attach it to the sleeve.  We go over how to create the slit at the bottom sleeve so that the cuff can be opened up.  We utilize Vogue pattern 8927 for our demonstration and I make sure to use contrasting fabric so it's easy to see.  Sewing a button cuff may take time, but you can do it!

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2 thoughts on “Button Cuff

  1. ProfessorPincushion

    That’s correct. The cuffs, though they seem identical, are opposite of each other (if you cut them both at the same time), just like sleeves.

  2. debbie

    I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your videos. I’ve learned so much from you! Thank you! One question and I hope it’s not silly. When you say make sure to use the right cuff,do you mean the one notch must match on the bottom of the sleeve to the notch at the bottom of the cuff? Thanks again!!

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