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Button Band

Button BandThe button band, which may also be labeled on your pattern as a front band, is the strip of fabric going down the front of a buttoned down shirt.  This strip plays an important part because it's the area that has your buttonholes and buttons. You'll notice that this area is typically stiffer than other parts of the shirt because it's usually stabilized by interfacing.  The demonstration covers two parts of the assembly.  The first part is attaching the button band towards the beginning of the shirt assembly.  Then, it also goes over what needs to be done to the button band towards the end of the shirt assembly when you're ready to add buttonholes and buttons.  This tutorial peels away the mystery of assembly and make it easy for even a beginner to conquer.

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7 thoughts on “Button Band

  1. Julie

    I spent almost 1 hour trying to understand the button band on my pattern, thanks to you, it all makes sense now!

  2. winghead

    Same question as bournedesigner, what is the width of the pattern? and the finished width?

  3. ProfessorPincushion

    We don’t have a full buttoned down shirt tutorial yet, but I hope to have one soon and, yes, it will most likely be a part of our premium membership. Just make sure you get our newsletters so you’ll get notified when it comes out. thanks!

  4. gladtidings4all

    Another great video. My question is if I join your premium will the complete shirt construction be here? I would love to sew myself a button down shirt from start to end using this same pattern so that I can learn the step by step basics and be able to sew myself clothes. Thanks

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